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  • Magento 2 - Building an Admin Grid on the Frontend

    Recently, I had the opportunity to take a development test for a very prestigous Magento Agency. I would say for the past year or so all my work has been geared towards Magento 1, so my Magento 2 skillset has been whithering from disuse simply due to my current employer’s business needs. All their current shops are built on M1–Although we will be converting them to M2 this year. This was an opportunity to build something interesting in Magento 2 and dust off the Magento 2 skills a bit.

  • Setup Varnish with Nginx as Reverse Proxy and Apache on cPanel

  • Run your own dnscrypt server: How to install dnscrypt-wrapper on an Arch Linux VPS


    DNSCrypt is a network protocol designed by Frank Denis and Yecheng Fu, which authenticates Domain Name System traffic between the user’s computer and recursive name servers.

  • Guide To A Career In Software Development

    Learning Path

    Learning Path — ensure it is straight with milestones.

  • ASUS F555UA Mic Does not Work and Headphones do not Work

    If you have an ASUS F555UA computer and are using Linux, you may realize you have issues with your audio setup. Issues include the mic not working and also any headset that gets attached is not recognized. Not to worry, here is the fix.

  • Configure Iptables and Routing for Openvpn Server

    Instead of rewriting post, I am just linking to Arash Milani’s post. How to configure iptables for openvpn.

  • Anonymizing your MAC Address in Network Manager

    After running Etherape and Wireshark I noticed that even after hardening all my leak points, I was still having issues with my network leaking benign information.

  • Setting up Personal Resolving DNS with Unbound and DNSCrypt-proxy

    It is very important to setup dnscrypt-proxy correctly and unbound correctly to ensure you are getting the highest security without leaks.

  • Fix for Lanot Attachments Magento Extension after installing Patch SUPEE-8788

    I have created a fix for Lanot Attachments Magento Extension to use Javascript Uploader instead of Flash based Uploader, this fix is needed after Magento Patch Supee-8788.

  • Configuring your Linux system for Harvard's CS50 Course

    When I first started Harvard’s CS50 course, I was using a very old system which didn’t have support for hardware virtualization, which in turn caused any virtual environment to be sluggish and unresponsive. So much so, that getting any type of work on it was near impossible. This dilemma is what led me to install and configure my base linux system to mimic the appliance when compiling C code, entailing installing the CS50 library, configuring make to use clang with the proper flags, and also configuring check50 to ensure my programs would have passing marks when submitted. In this article, I will be discussing how I configured my base system to mimic features of the CS50 Appliance.

  • CSS Hacks

    Here are some hacks that I always end up needing, yet forgetting where I found them…then spend oodles of time Googling for fixes…So to start things off…this is a hack which allows for a semi-transparent object, such as a div, nav, section, article….more to come!

  • Bitwise tidbits (addition and multiplication)

    Bitwise operations in languages such as C allow a user to manipulate data bit by bit. Thus, since we are manipulating data at the lowest of low levels, a decent knowledge of binary is a must, along with a rather adept expertise in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing in binary as well. However, once you get the hang of it, it becomes an extremely powerful asset to one’s programming prowess. It allows a developer access to the most basic data structure willing the one’s and zero’s to do his bidding. It is awesome…

  • Keeping a footer at the bottom of the page

    So this is something I always have to google and seem to forget a little too frequently. So I am adding it to my notes. Here is a simple and easy way to keep a footer at the bottom of a apge regardless how much content is on the page from CSS Reset

  • If your not using Markdown, you should be

    Markdown is a syntax which is used to format an article for publishing on the internet, such as for a blog or website. It simply substitutes easily type-able characters for the more tedious HTML tags it is designed to replace. It then converts the markdown tags to regular HTML when the document is saved. Markdown is designed to be used while the article is being written instead of the more traditional method of going back through a document and marking it up in html after its completion. Making the whole process of formatting a document easier and more efficent.