After running Etherape and Wireshark I noticed that even after hardening all my leak points, I was still having issues with my network leaking benign information.

I tracked these leaks down to Network Manager, which is Gnome’s goto network manager.

You must spend time ensuring Network Manager is set up properly.

First and foremost, I do not want Network Manager to use dhclient as the dhcp client, however, it seems Network Manager prefers to use dhclient if installed.

To force Network Manager to use its internal DHCP server, I have added the below to my /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf to ensure it does exactly what I want it to do when booting.




ensuring resolv.conf isn’t changed I first add dns=none as I have Unbound and DNSCrypt-proxy set up for my dns. I also use chattr +i on resolv.conf to ensure no other programs can change it. See My Article on settinging up Unbound and Dnscrypt.

I ensure my MAC address is randomized on connection with the wifi.cloned-mac-address=random.

Thomas Haller’s has a good blog on the subject here.

Use this wiki to setup macchanger Arch Wiki

So now you know how to reign in Network Manager.